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I have a passion for overall health and wellness; I always have. I'm particularly passionate about breastfeeding as well as a healthy, happy pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period for mom and baby.

I am a certified lactation educator (CLE) as well as a DONA trained birth doula. If any of these things interest you in any way, shape or form, let's talk about it! 

I have loved the experiences I've had thus far in being present at births and assisting a new mom learn to breastfeed and/or help new and experienced moms troubleshoot breastfeeding problems they encounter.

Send me an email or visit my Facebook page to get in contact with me if you have any questions or want to set up a free consult!

Here is what some of my clients have had to say about their experience with me as their doula:

"Having April there was awesome. I initially didn't think there was much need for a doula but I couldn't have been more wrong. We had talked through everything with April and I knew that she was going to fight for my wife's ideal birth. I am happy to report that that is exactly what it was. When nurses suggested things that we weren't really comfortable with I didn't have to ignore my wife or make a rash decision. April just dealt with the nurses (they were pretty amiable anyways though) and I think they enjoyed having a person there that was well rested and not emotional about the whole situation. Much like having a negotiator in a hostage situation, having a doula there helped me stay focused on helping my wife rather than getting wrapped up in emotional decisions when really we just needed a logical and unemotional mediator. I would have a doula again in a heartbeat. We were really able to have our ideal birth thanks to April." 

-McKay Anderson

"I really wanted to have my first child without any anesthesia but I felt so nervous since I had never gone through labor before. After talking to some friends who had had natural births I felt like getting a doula would be the perfect answer. April was the perfect personality for my doula, she is outgoing but willing to stand up for things that I wanted. Having a doula while I was going through all stages of labor was SO nice. April was very helpful in suggesting positions that I could labor in to make myself more comfortable. She offered encouragement while I was trying to get through some intense contractions. She wasn't afraid to remind me of what I wanted and kept me focusing on the end result. It let me be more relaxed and comfortable in the hospital room since April and I had met before hand and she knew my birthing preferences. I know my husband was also very grateful to have her there so he could know his role in helping me with labor. She has done her research and knows things that can help each mom achieve the labor they are wanting. When I asked her about things she didn't know the exact answer to, she would make sure to get back to me quickly with . I loved the way she interacted with my nurse and doctor so that I could focus more on breathing through the contractions. I would HIGHLY recommend April as a doula to any expectant mother." 
-Madison Anderson

"April is AMAZING!!!!! I can't say that enough! I planned on a natural birth and really wanted a doula, my husband on the other hand just thought it was a waste of money, but to make me happy he let me hire April. I ended up having to be induced 2 weeks early and April was on her way back from out of town. She quickly got in touch with another doula to be there with me till she could arrive. However I was no where near ready for the baby to come and was fine so i just waited and kept her posted. the next morning my husband called her and it was like she transported to the Hospital. She got there QUICK! my contractions hit hard and she was able to help me stay calm and helped get my husband to but pressure on my knees to release my back pain. She kindly reminded me to keep breathing and relaxing through the contractions in a way that was encouraging and positive. My birth did not go as planned and i ended up having to have a C Section. However April stayed at the hospital till i came out of the OR and stayed and helped make sure i was ok and helped with breastfeeding. By the time the day was over my husband was SO truly grateful for April's knowledge and kindness and said he would rather have a Doula at every birth then a bunch of family there. (and he isn't one to spend money so this is saying a LOT) So to sum up this super long review and even longer labor story, If you are looking for someone who will help and encourage you though whatever type of labor you want or end up having you MUST contact April. She will make sure you are taken care of and quickly get to you. She also helped to relax me by doing hand massages, which were amazing! You will love her as much as my family does and you will want her for every other birth you do!" 
-Christal Laird

"Having April there to help coach me through the natural birth I had with my daughter was a HUGE help. It was my first experience with childbirth, and although my husband was an incredible support, it was extremely comforting to have someone there who had been through the process before. April suggested many different strategies to help me cope with the pressure of the contractions and was extremely effective in helping me (and consistently reminding me) to breathe and relax. Not only was she an awesome support to me, but she gave instructions to my husband to help him better support me as well. There is no question I will have a doula again when I have my next baby and I really really hope it will be April!" 
-Hannah Olson

As a husband who is about to become a father for the first time, I had NO idea how I could best help my wife through her natural child birth experience. I've seen movies where nurses tell the women to keep breathing, but beyond that I was clueless. Having April help with the birth of our daughter was extremely helpful! She was able to coach my wife and give her advice on labor positions, breathing strategies, and other forms of support. April's coaching allowed me to be fully devoted to supporting my wife and helping alleviate some of her discomfort. April also gave me instructions that improved my ability to support my wife even more. I ABSOLUTELY recommend April as a doula to anyone and everyone preparing to have a baby. She is prepared, capable, and extremely friendly, and I guarantee she will add value to your child birthing experience. 
-Stephen Olson

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