Mr. Riggins: 5 months old.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

At five months old:

You've started to get up on your hands and knees! You also do a plank/downward dog type position at times. And you're somewhat able to get around! You kind of go up on your hands and knees and then launch your chest forward and then do it over and over again to get where you want to go. Slowly but surely. Next thing we know you're going to be crawling all over the place!

At your most recent checkup, you were 15.3 pounds, 25 inches long and you had a 17-inch head circumference. Growing so good!!

When you're tired you prefer to be laid down on your belly, have a pacifier and then covered with your swaddle blanket so that you can hold onto it - no more holding you and snuggling you to sleep or while you sleep. Such a bittersweet thing!

You've started to outgrow most 3-6 month sized clothes and fill out 6-month clothes really well! 

And size 3 diapers are starting to get small and snug, which is seriously so crazy to me. I'm going to be buying you size 4 soon and your sisters didn't wear size 4 diapers until they were close to a year or past a year old! 😳

You still light up when your sisters come into the room and you've started to giggle at them a lot more when they do silly things to get your attention and they just eat it up. It's seriously one of the cutest and best parts of being a parent.