Finnley Joan: 12 months old.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I don't know if I've been putting this off because I'm in denial that Finnley is already one (probably so) or if I just haven't gotten around to it because I have so many different things/ideas flying around in my head and world right now. I'd say it's probably a good combination of the two. But anyways, here's Finnley's 12 month old picture and update!

Finnley Joan at 12 months old:

You point at things and say that.

You can say wow, uh-oh, yeah, mom, dad and hi (which is accompanied with an adorable wave). 🤗

You're not walking yet, but we trick you into standing on your own and as soon as you realize you're not holding onto anything you slowly crouch down to the floor and start crawling. You've taken some steps on your own here and there, but we've got some more practicing to do to give you a little more confidence to take off!

You do like to push our kitchen chairs and various other things around while walking.

Two front teeth are in all the way in!

You do a fake spit whenever you hear your dad spit. 😆

You give us "loves" at random times by softly laying your head down on us and it's heart melting.

You give us big, wet open mouthed kisses.

You've started to throw baby tantrums, which crack me up, but have me a little worried at times. I don't remember your sister throwing tantrums so early in life and I'm wondering if you've learned that skill from her. Haha!

For your birthday we made homemade enchiladas and tres leches cake and you were definitely a fan. 😊

This past year of our lives has been quite the crazy adventure, but I'm so glad you joined our family when you did because it reminded us to slow down a little and focus on all the good around us. We love your guts Finn!