Finnley Joan: 10 months.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Finnley Joan at 10 months:

You've started waving! It's seriously the cutest thing. Melting hearts left and right. Even if we say the word hi without waving at you you still wave! 🤗

You have 2 little teeth on the bottom! They've really come in now and just the other day Kennedy was "helping" you eat and she exclaimed "Mom! Finnley has teeth!" She seriously was so excited for you. And today in the car she said "Ow!" And when I asked what was wrong she said, "I put my finger in Finnley's mouth and she bit me!" 😂

You have started to look at your dad and day "da" and just today it sounded like you tried to say "hi dad" when your dad told you to say it! Too cute.

You are a really good eater, but at times you tend to have a problem with mixed textures. For example, when we feed you yogurt that has little bit of fruit in it you will eat the yogurt no problem, but if you are given a bite with fruit in it you somehow eat the yogurt and then push the little piece of fruit out with your tongue!

You are fitting into some 12 month clothes already, but you're still pretty petite. However, you're definitely getting heavier to carry around so I know you're growing and gaining weight!

You've already learned how to drink out of a straw and eat food out of the little baby food squeeze pouches, which is SO awesome for us because we're pretty sure Kennedy didn't learn to do that until she was well over a year old. 😬  I bought some of these ReSqueeze pouches so we could fill them with some baby food/apple sauce instead of having to buy the one time use ones and it has been SO great! I'd definitely recommend them. Even Kennedy has loved having some applesauce in them, which is such a quick, healthy and easy snack for y'all when we're on the go.

You are currently living in your third home in your short 10 months of life and our move to Louisiana will make it your 4th in just under a year. Not sure if that's something to be proud of or what, but it has to be a record! 🙃

We're definitely starting to see your little independent and sassy side come out these days too. Whenever Kennedy is loving on you a little too rough, takes something away from you, or starts playing with something you're already playing with you start yelling at her and waving your arms at her. And when I tear your food (i.e. a waffle) into little pieces for you to feed to yourself but leave the bigger piece within eyesight, you get mad until I give you the big piece to hold onto and dust the little pieces onto the floor! Such a stinker. But we'll still keep you.