Finnley Joan: 9 months.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

In order to do the 10 month old update I need to post your 9 month update first! 😳

Finnley Joan at 9 months old:

At your check up you weighed 15.59lbs which puts you in the 4% for your weight. And your length was 26.54in which put you in the 15% for your length. Your head circumference was 16.9in which put you in the 19% for that. Still itty bitty but still growing consistently!

Your two little bottom teeth were just under the gums for so long and they finally popped through the gums just before you turned 10 months, so I'm calling that a 9 month milestone.

You are doing somewhat better at walking when we hold your little hands, but you just squat down and prefer to crawl.

You have learned to crawl up the stairs, but we're still working on teaching you how to come down them safely so that you don't just go rolling down them. Which hasn't happened yet, and hopefully it doesn't, but I learned with Kennedy it's kinda inevitable when there's stairs around!

And you're starting to follow Kennedy around more and more to sabotage her playing and/or attempt to play with her, which is cute and funny to us, but Kennedy gets a little irritated. 😂

You like to mimic a lot of the noises we make towards you with your current favorites being fake coughing, blowing raspberries and moving your whole fist over your mouth as you make a constant "ahhhhh" noise. You also have learned to put a cup, bowl, toilet paper roll etc. up to your mouth and say "ahhhh" into it to make a funny noise and it's pretty entertaining for you and for us!

We sure love the joy and curiosity you bring into our home these days baby girl! And we're so glad you're a part of our forever family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 💋