Kennedy Lou is officially 3!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oh Kennedy Lou, where have the past three years gone?! You are growing up into such a spunky, intelligent, driven and beautiful little girl! You are becoming even more independent than before, which I wasn't sure was possible, but I'm learning to embrace it and let go a little bit to give you the freedom and autonomy you crave.

For your third birthday you wanted an Ariel birthday, so we gave you just that! You had Ariel balloons, a shirt, a necklace, a cake and you even watched The Little Mermaid (which is called  Ariel according to you) and we just made the day all about you! We sure love you and the presence you are in our little family. You are destined to do great things, I just know it!

Thanks for choosing us as your parents - you're truly such a gift to us. 

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