Finnley Joan: 7 months.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Finnley at seven months old:

You are officially crawling! Which has also led to you being up to sit up all by yourself.

This new skill has led to you getting into things you shouldn't so we've had to start shutting doors and keeping a close eye on you. Kennedy is actually a pretty good helper when it comes to this, so that's been nice!

You also pulled yourself to standing for the first time.

You have been much more interested in eating table food, but when I try to give you the purees you don't want anything to do with them. You only want to eat what we're eating! Which works well since they've recently updated the infant feeding guidelines regarding allergenic foods.

You've been sick a couple of times recently, which I've learned just comes with having a toddler (AKA Kennedy Lou) around, so I guess your immune system will be nice and strong!

You've enjoyed going swimming with friends lately too! We just sit in the baby pool and you splash around like crazy.

Now that you're sitting up, bath time with your big sister has become more of a regular thing and you and Kennedy both have a blast with that. 😊

You are so fun and sweet. We just can't get enough of you!

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