Finnley Joan: 5 months.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our sweet baby girl has been up to so much this past month! Finnley Joan at 5 months old:

You are moving around like crazy without actually doing any kind of crawling! I'll put you down in the floor with some toys on a blanket and next thing I know you're at least 2-3 feet away and whining because you can't reach any of your toys. One time your Sophie the giraffe toy was stuck under the ottoman and you were working so hard to try and get it out from underneath it.

You can roll from your back to your stomach! You did this for the first time this past Saturday (June 11th) while we were all laying in the living room floor playing and we all cheered you on as we noticed you were getting ready to do it. 

You have LOVED chewing on a big slice of an apple the past week or so, which has made me feel like a rebel since you're not quite 6 months old, but it seriously works like magic for you to have that while I'm making dinner or cleaning up the house and need you to be content for a bit. You get super mad when you drop it, but luckily your big sister is always watching out for you and is quick to grab it and hand it back to you when she's around.

I've also let you gnaw on a chunk of watermelon and a banana that I was eating, which you didn't like quite as much as the apple slice, but you still seemed to enjoy it a little bit.

You've finally started sleeping more at night (hallelujah)! I remember when Kennedy was about your age we moved her out of our bed and into her own and that seemed to help her sleep better at night since we weren't moving around in bed and waking her up, so I tried that with you, but it just wasn't happening, so we've moved you to your crib and into Kennedy's room and Kennedy's bed is now in our room until you really get this sleeping thing down. There has been a little bit of protest on your end throughout this "sleep training" business, but I can definitely tell you are a happier baby now that you're getting more sleep at night and your naps have been a lot better too, so as a whole, we are all getting more sleep which is something we desperately needed. So thanks for that! :)

You growl sometimes and it's hilarious! The first time I heard you do this, you were laying in your crib where I thought you were taking a nap and I heard this crazy growling sound and wasn't sure what the heck it was, but then when you did it again I realized that crazy noise was coming from you!

You are wearing a variety of sizes in clothing. Your pajamas are 6-12 months, you can still fit your onesies that say 3 months, some 3-6 month rompers and 3 month skirts.

And your eyes are still a gorgeous blue-green just like your dad and big sister.

Watching you grow has been so fun and I love that you are a part of our family for forever. We're going camping in Kanab tomorrow since your dad signed up to run a 10k early Saturday morning that he hasn't trained for (let us all please pray for him!), which will be your first time spending the night out in the great outdoors, so I can't wait to see how that goes! That will definitely be an experience worth sharing. :)

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