How's Kennedy these days?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

With Finnley being our new baby and getting a monthly post about her accomplishments, I realized that Kennedy deserved a little shout at for all of the things she's accomplishing and all of the joy she brings into our little family!

She's obviously a big sister now, which is a job that she does not take lightly! She adores Finnley and I'd say the adoration goes both ways now. Finnley's face lights up when she sees Kennedy and she even giggles at Kennedy from time to time (sometimes even if Kennedy just looks at her) which melts my mother heart.

She is now potty trained! I seriously never thought this day would come! Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. :) We had a couple failed attempts before Finnley was born and since I had heard quite a few people say that toddlers will often regress in certain ways (potty training being one of them) I figured we'd try again after Finnley was born and the initial adjustment period was over. I also got a simple and short little book sent to me by a friend who has a little girl close in age to Kennedy and third attempt was a success! She was definitely ready and so were we. We started at the end of February/beginning of March and she's now at a point that she hasn't wet her bed in about a month! She has had an accident here and there, but it's usually because she's too busy playing with friends to tell us she needs to potty, so I've learned to try and make sure she tries to go every couple of hours or so.

She has come to love the horses that live out behind our new place! She'll climb up on the fence and they'll walk right over to her and let her pet them and feed them carrots and apples. :)

Kennedy is also a princess fanatic, which is so fun since she has been gifted 5 different princess outfits! We also went on a last minute trip to Disneyland with Cole's mom and younger sisters a couple of weeks ago and she seriously was in heaven when she got to meet some of the princesses. I seriously was crying tears of joy because of how excited she was.

And she definitely loves our 6 baby chicks. They run away from us when they're outside and see us coming, but Kennedy still chases after them and tries to catch them, which is pretty funny. However, she heard Cole and I calling them "stupid chickens" since they ate the leaves off of our tomato, and jalapeno plants (they've been living in the greenhouse while Cole builds them a coop) so I've now had to teach her to call them silly chickens instead of stupid chickens... Haha! :)

We sure love our little Kennedy Lou! She makes life a little crazy, but a really funny and happy. We couldn't imagine life without her little spunky self!

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