Finnley Joan: 4 Months.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finnley Joan at 4 months old:

You are getting so chunky! You weigh 12.7 pounds, which puts you in the 28% for your weight. And you're 23.62in long, which puts you in the 26% for your length.

We have decided that you have the worst smelling gas for a baby. Your dad could totally blame his gas on you and I would believe him 100%. I know this is a little gross, but we want to document it to make sure we don't try to blame this memory on one of your siblings down the road when we can't really remember who it was. Haha :)

You are starting to giggle more and more at random little things that we do, especially when Kennedy talks to you and acts silly. And you do this really adorable thing where you kinda hunch up your shoulders and put your hands up to your mouth/face when you get excited.

You're starting to realize when I'm getting ready to nurse you and you start kicking your legs like crazy and make a laugh/cry kinda noise that's really cute and funny.

You've really started to enjoy playing with toys. This has been really nice since you haven't always been the biggest fan of being in your car seat; now we can give you a couple of toys while we're in the car and you're a happy camper!

You went to Disneyland for the first time (which you obviously won't remember) and you were such an awesome baby! I had you in my Solly Baby wrap the majority of the time and you were either sleeping, nursing or just hanging out, which has basically been the story of your life! You seem to have such a go-with-the-flow personality, which I hope you keep!

Like I always say, we're so glad you're in our family! Our love for you grows each day.

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