Finnley's Photoshoot

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Back in January our cousin Hannah took some super cute pictures of Finnley and I'm so glad she did since these sweet babies change so quickly! Here's some of my favorites. 

Finnley Joan: 3 months.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time to catch up really quick since Finnley turns 4 months old tomorrow!

Finnley Joan, at 3 months old:

You have been sucking/chewing on your hands like crazy!

You've been trying to grab things that are out in front of you, whether it's a toy or food off of our plates when you're sitting in our lap at meal times. :) 

You have been much more interested in seeing what's going on around you. Especially when you hear Kennedy - you always try to find her and as soon as you see her you get such a big grin, which melts my heart each time. I sure hope y'all stay best friends as you get older.

You're done with being swaddled but you like to lay on your side with your hands covered up and then you pull your hands up onto your cheeks or over your face. At first I was worried you couldn't breathe, but you sleep great that way and don't like when we try to move your hands! Or you like to lay on your tummy.

You also don't like to be held when you're ready to go to bed - you just like to be laid down in bed, have your pacifier and then you drift off to sleep.

Your eyes are a really pretty blue-green color.

I packed up all of the newborn clothes and now have the 3 month and 3-6 month clothes out for you.

You were blessed at church recently and it was so neat to have so many loved ones in town to be here for your special day.

You have been such a sweet baby and we couldn't imagine our life without you!