Finnley Joan: 2 months old.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Finnley Joan is 2 months old and here's what she's up to!

At 2 months old:

You smile at us ALL THE TIME! Please never quit doing that okay?

You've also started to coo just a little bit here and there and it's so adorable.

You weigh 10.5lbs, which puts you in the 41% for your weight and you're 22.2in long, which puts you in the 44% for you length! Keep growing baby girl!

You aren't the biggest fan of tummy time, but your pediatrician wants us to make it a little more of a priority since your neck needs to be a tad bit stronger than it is right now, but nothing to be worried about.

You've definitely outgrown some newborn clothes and can fit 0-3 month stuff and even some 3 month outfits! The only downside to this awesome weight gain is that I'm not an experienced clean-between-the-fat-rolls kinda mom, so I found some gross gunk in your armpit rolls the other day, gross I know, but so sad too! I've been doctoring that spot quite a bit and I promise to pay better attention to it from now on!

You are sleeping pretty well! I recently learned that doing a 5 hour stretch at your age constitutes you "sleeping through the night" so good job on that one! Since you sleep in our bed with us (you can read more about how we safely do this here) I honestly am not sure how many times you wake up, but I think it's at least twice, but it's so nice because I just latch you on to nurse and we both fall back to sleep quickly and easily. :) I do lay you down to nap in your crib though so that once you're a little bit older the concept of sleeping in your crib wont' be so foreign to you.

You love taking a bath, but as soon as we get you out from the water and make the "mad dash" to the towel you start to squeal since it's cold, and honestly I don't blame you! I hate getting out of the shower to dry off so I grab the towel and dry off in the shower before getting out to spare myself from freezing. 

And lastly, I've managed to get a few giggles out of you when I tickle your neck/collarbone area! It's super cute. I will have to do it when your dad is home and so we can get a good video of you doing it. :)

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