Finnley Joan: 1 month old.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sooo since Finnley is almost two months old (in 2 more days?!), I better hurry up and post her 1 month photo and update!

Finnley Joan, at one month you:

Have pretty blue eyes.

Smile at us when talk to you and it's always the cutest thing! Especially when you smile at Kennedy.

Have 3 birth marks on your face and the one between your eyes is definitely the most noticeable. Cyndi (my midwife) said it looks like a butterfly! :)

You are still in newborn clothes, but the 0-3 month clothes are starting to fit!

At your 2 week check-up (you were 18 days old) you weighed 8.4lbs, which was almost a whole pound over your birthweight - aka we're both really good at nursing! Haha :) That put you in the 48% for your weight and your length was 19.9in, which put you in the 27%.

And last but not least, you are adored by us all! 

I was really nervous about how Kennedy would adjust to having you around, but she has been awesome! Sometimes she's a little too interested in being around you and has "bonked" you in the head, laid on you and been a little too rough with you, but we know that she means well. :) She always calls you "baby siter Sinnley John" and it's really cute and funny.

We sure love you little girls and the craziness that comes with having two children!

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