Our fall shenanigans.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Well...I haven't blogged since Cole's birthday (oops!) and seeing as how today is the 23rd, which means exactly ONE MORE MONTH until Finnley's due date, I figured I better put somethin' on this lovely old blog of mine before life gets crazy with the holidays and a new little baby in our home!

Back in October, Kennedy and I went to a place down here in St. George with some other moms and their kids to Staheli Family Farm where they had a fun little pumpkin patch, petting zoo, corn maize and lots of fun swings and slides and she LOVED it. Especially these cute little baby goats she got to pet.

We then went and spent the end of October and beginning of November in Provo with Cole's family since I had the pleasure of being our cousin Hannah's doula for the baby girl she was expecting around Halloween (but ended up having her on November 5th; 5 days over her due date, just like I was with Kennedy Lou). Kennedy LOVED her spider and eyeball donuts that her Yaya (Cole's mom) and Papa bought for her at the Provo Bakery. And she loved carving pumpkins, dressing up as Jasmine for Halloween and she of course loved getting candy to put in her bucket as she went door to door saying trick or treat!

Kennedy was pretty antsy during church one Sunday while we were in Provo, so we decided to walk back to Darin and Lisa's after it was over to help get some wiggles out and it was SO gorgeous outside. I will admit, fall time in Utah is so pretty compared to where I grew up in Texas. The leaves are so bright and vibrant and Kennedy Lou loved crunching through the leaves.