A letter to my dearest Finnley Joan.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Well baby girl, you have a name! We have decided to name you Finnley Joan Gordon. Your dad and I decided that each of our children would have a family name for their first or middle name well before we had children. Your big sister's middle name is Lou, which is from my great grandma's middle name "Lou Nell." And now your middle name, Joan, is from your great grandma on your dad's side, Eleanor Joan Rasband. We love her dearly and the fact that she's a Texan gives her major cool points in my book, obviously. :) I knew a family in Texas that had children with very unique names and they were all such fun people and Finley was one of them; I didn't know her all that well since she was quite a bit younger than me, but your dad likes the name Finn, so we decided we'd add another "n" to Finnley so that you can go by Finn for short if you'd like. 
However, we tend to use full names in this family, for example your dad likes to be called Nicholas instead of Cole and we usually call your sister by her first and middle name, Kennedy Lou, so we'll see what happens with your name. :) 

I'm 26 weeks along with you currently, and so far so good! You are growing just like you're supposed to and everything is right on track. I have been measuring a little bigger at my prenatal appointments (for instance last week I measured 26.5cm when I was technically 25 weeks along at the time), which is the opposite of when I was pregnant with Kennedy, so you're either going to be a big baby or my due date is a little off... We'll see which one it is come December. :) The past couple of months you have been moving around like crazy, which is always such a fun part of being pregnant. It makes up for those not-so-fun parts of pregnancy, that's for sure! 

We're expecting you to come around the time of December 23rd, so you will be entering the world at such a magical and wonderful time of the year. Your sister was 5 days past her due date, which I was totally  fine with, so you go ahead and come whenever you're ready as well; I won't rush you one bit. :) Although I will say I am looking forward to the wonderful, and empowering experience of bringing you into this world and snuggling you as a sweet, newborn babe.

So far I wouldn't say I've had any specific cravings with you, but for some reason Dr. Pepper and french fries tend to be my comfort foods in the beginning, but as I'm in the end of the second trimester I've really been focusing on drinking more water and eating a lot more fruits and vegetables since I know that's what is best for us at this time.

I sure can't wait to meet you and love on you! But until then I'll do my best to enjoy this pregnancy and the last little bit of time with just your sister and I, who by the way, prays for you all the time, knows that you're in my belly, and loves to play with her baby dolls, so I'm sure she's going to love having you around. :)