Kennedy Lou is 2!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's so hard to believe that just over 2 years ago Kennedy Lou made her speedy entrance into our family and made me a mom. I will forever be grateful to her for being my first baby and enjoying this wild ride together with me. I sure love you baby girl!

Kennedy Lou,

At a ripe 2 years of age you are SO smart! So many people comment to us on how well you talk for a 2 year old. You know so many words and you actually enunciate them really well. You are really good at identifying colors. You can somewhat count to've done it on your own before, but then sometimes you jump from 3 to 7, so we're working on that. :) You try to sing your ABCs and at the end you say "next time won't you sing me you" and it's really cute and funny! You are still such a determined little gal, which I'm trying hard to understand and help you foster in a good way. I truly believe these are some of the unique gifts that you've been born with and I hope I can help you blossom into a wonderful, strong, independent and determined woman someday by seeing these as your strengths, instead of challenges. I've got a long ways to go, but we'll get there together. :)

As we sit down at the table for our meals each day, you remind us to say a prayer and you always love to say it. You bless each of our plates of food, our forks, our drinks and everything else in sight. You also bless "mommy's baby" and "daddy's baby," which is really cute and we always pray for your uncle Mckay on his mission. You genuine, innocent and perfect love for your family is admirable. I love that at this age you don't see the flaws in anyone you come in contact with, but instead you love them unconditionally.

You enjoy playing in your own little kitchen more and more these days. You even tell me to be careful since the oven is hot. :) And you got your own little broom and mop set since you wouldn't leave mine alone, which has been a great addition to your little kitchen area! 

You've been doing this really funny thing where when we tell you that you're beautiful or that you're a princess you say, "No! You a princess mommy!" or "No! You budeful mommy!" as if it's an insult of something. It's really funny, but I've been trying to tell you to instead say "thank you" so someday I'm sure we'll get there. :)

We've also had quite a few people comment on how polite you are and how well you use your manners, which makes this southern bred woman pretty darn proud! You are really good at saying please and thank you, so now I think we'll work on the yes ma'am/no ma'am and yes sir/ no sir. :) Just watch this video if you don't understand why this is so important to me. 

Most of all, just know that we love you dearly. Seeing you as a big sister in the next little while will be such a sweet and fun experience. Our little baby girl sure has an awesome big sister and role model already! I just know she's going to love you just as much as we do.

Here's to another fun and awesome year with you my sweet girl! "Bye-see ya" (as you say these days). 



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