A long awaited BYU graduation.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Life has been a little crazy this past month (I'll explain why soon), but Cole finally graduated from BYU! I say finally because I graduated 2 years ago and because he served a two year mission for the LDS Church to Louisville, Kentucky, that put him a little behind in school, so I've been with him through it all. Looking back the years passed so quickly but the days and weeks, not so much. He technically won't be officially done until about mid-June since he's currently doing his internship to complete his degree, but he went ahead and participated in the graduation ceremonies in April since we moved to St. George for his internship/full time job. However, despite all of this he has juggled school, work, a wife and a child for 2 of the 4 years he was in school and he's still graduating with a better GPA than  I did! Hats off to him for sure. :)

He's currently doing some health research for Kevin Hall who is a very kind and intentional family friend and author that Cole (and myself occasionally) have the pleasure of working with for the next year or two. The research he's doing is about the mind-body health connection; Kevin is writing a new book about the healing power and influence that words can have on the human soul and the research Cole completes during his internship will be mentioned in the book, so it's really neat and a great opportunity for him! I joke with Cole that we're slowly moving south until we end up back in Texas since we're not in the southern part of Utah and not the central part anymore. :) But at this point in time we're just kind of at the mercy of the blessings and windows of opportunity that come our way, which is really intimidating and scary at times, but I know if we have faith and do what we know is right that we won't be led astray.

Another reason this past month has been crazy is because I'M PREGNANT! We decided when we were married we'd like our children to be a couple of years apart; enough time to give my body time to rest and prepare for pregnancy again, but not too much time that there was too much space between our children making it harder for them to be close as they grow up. I don't think we really realized how quickly that time would go by with Kennedy Lou, but it did and here we are expecting baby #2 this December and really close to Christmas time! That wasn't the best planning on our part, but we'll take it. :) 

Here's a few pictures from Cole's graduation and our little video announcement for baby #2 will be in the following post. Lots of exciting and new things happening here in the Gordon home!