All about me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

As you can see I've been working on updating the look of my blog lately and I recently found a great and affordable designer on Etsy that has been such a pleasure to work with, you should check him out if you're needing any design work done for a business card, blog/website, resume etc.

I'm also going to be changing the name and url of my blog to be april khrystyne. Since Cole and I have been married it has been "our" blog, but I am wanting to change it to just be "my" blog where I blog about things I'm up to as well as our little family, so the content won't be changing all that much, just the look and the point of view. :)

My new url/domain is I'm wanting to put more time and effort into my doula and lactation business and I felt like changing my blog to be my personal website and having a portion of that website entail some of my business info was a good way to mesh my personal life and professional life since the profession I haven chosen to go into goes right along with my personal life and what I love most - my family and my child(ren) as well as the families and children of those I am able to serve with my knowledge and abilities. :)

I hope this doesn't throw things off as far as my followers are concerned. Let me know if you have any problems getting things figured out and I'll definitely give you a helping hand!

Memorable moments.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Life has been insanely busy lately. We've moved, yes we moved again, Cole is finishing up his last semester of school and with that comes lots of prepping, praying and perusing for future opportunities for this little family of ours and Kennedy Lou is always keeping us on our toes. 

The past week there have been some tender moments that I soaked up like none other and to help me remember how I felt I thought I'd write them down here in my "journal" of a blog. 

For Valentine's Day Cole and I were both feeling a little under the weather, but he still managed to get me some beautiful carnations and daisies (which, by the way is my favorite flower) and then the Wednesday following Valentine's Day he surprised me by renting a puppy! There's a place here in Provo that you can rent a puppy for some time and we had a cute little Red Heeler mix breed puppy for an hour and a half named buttercup. I scheduled us both a massage since one of my new friends that I've been playing volleyball with is a massage therapist in the area and the office she works at had a great deal on a one hour massage. I also got him some of his favorite candy, Reese's peanut butter hearts. I love that man every single day that I'm with him and this Valentine's Day I realized that I shouldn't wait for that day to shower him with love and gifts, but that it should be more of a constant effort, which is something I am currently working on, and you should join me! :) 

Now when it comes to Kennedy Lou. She is is so full of unconditional love and lately she has really been teaching me and molding me into the mom and woman I've been trying to become over the past year and half. I am now starting to see exactly why we are told to become as little children in the scriptures. She is also so full of energy and a little bit of spunk and I love every ounce of her with every ounce of my being. 

Looking back on my life I never would have thought I'd be where I am today. I feel so beyond blessed to have a man by my side who loves me, supports me, encourages me and one who is so cute and loving with Kennedy Lou. That girl his him wrapped around her little finger, no doubt.

And lastly, tonight was the cherry on top of it all. I spread out a blanket on the living room floor and Kennedy Lou and I shared a big plate of nachos dipped in some homemade guacamole while watching Sesame Street. (I can't wait until May when I'll have this awesome mat to use for many more wonderful times like tonight). I've been watching Gilmore Girls, which I love by the way, and I hope that Kennedy Lou and I, just as Rory and Lorelai, can continue to have a blast together like we do now and that we can continue to be the best of friends as she gets older. I know I will do all in my power to make it that way so that she never doubts where she can turn for that unconditional love she is always so eager to give to me. 

My heart is full.