A year to remember.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Kennedy is well over a year old now, but I just wanted to go ahead and give her 12 month old update!

Kennedy Lou, at 12 months old you:

Run around!

You love to kick and throw a ball of any size, so watch out everyone!

You love dogs and you can say "dog" now when you see one! You also say "ruff ruff," which is super cute. 

You also roar when asked what a lion says, however your roar and engine "vrooming" sound the same, so that's pretty awesome and funny. :)

Your hair has started to curl in the back and it's super cute! I hope it stays that way. :)

You enjoy being outside so much and we hope to help you keep that love for the outdoors as you continue to grow older.

Whenever your dad walks out the door to go to work or school you throw up your hands, like "where'd he go" and it's super cute. Then you walk around the house saying dad like you're looking for him.

You adore being around other kids, especially "babies" which are smaller than you. You go up to them and give them hugs while saying "awww." You do this with you baby dolls all the time and you've even started rocking them when we sing "rock-a-by baby" to you. It's amazing to me how innate the nurturing ability is in little girls.

You fold your little arms and bow your head for about a half second when we tell you it's time for prayer. And just about anytime you sit down to eat you fold your arms, which is a great reminder of us to pray in gratitude for our food and many blessings we have. 

You sure have changed our lives for the better Kennedy Lou. We were thrilled when we found out you were going to be joining our little family but we never could have guessed how much joy and excitement you'd bring into our lives. We love you more than words can truly explain and hope to help you grow up to be the woman you are destined to be. I know you'll do great things with that beautiful little light you carry with you. Just try not to grow too fast in the years to come, okay?

With so much love,

Mama + Dad

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