Kennedy Lou at 11 months

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our baby girl is 11 months old and here's what it's like:

Kennedy Lou at 11 months you:

ARE OFFICIALLY WALKING! All within about a weeks time you decided that when you fell after a couple of steps you’d stand back up and try again and now you walk everywhere! You can even pivot and turn around. 

You have five teeth with number six on it’s way!

You have just enough hair for a ponytail on top of your head. It looks kinda goofy, but cute at the same time. 

You have a great working knowledge of what the phrase “no no” means FOR you, but when we tell you “no no” you do it anyways. Not quite sure how we’re gonna fix that…

If you’re holding something and you don’t want someone to take it away from you you put it behind your back or pull it out of their reach. It’s pretty stinkin’ funny!

You dance like nobody’s business and it’s adorable. You’ve even started moving just one little leg sometimes instead of just your hips and your head. 

You stayed in Colorado for your first time since we were in Steamboat Springs for the Fourth of July weekend. And during this trip was your first time being sick. You were running a little fever due to a viral infection, so nothing serious, but it wasn’t very fun seeing you sick and not being able to do much about it. You bounced back to your spunky, happy little-self in no time though! (I'll be posting soon about said trip :)). 

You’re definitely becoming more independent as far as feeding yourself is concerned, which makes for lots of messy times, but it is fun to see you learn and grow in this sort of way. You grabbed a plum off the table and devoured it all on your own, and the same day I made you some popsicles with breastmilk and mixed berries and you loved them, to say the least.

We sure love you and look forward to the next month leading up to your 1st birthday!


Mom and Dad

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