Ten months old and ten times better.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kennedy Lou is 10 months old...is this really true?! I better get to making a Pinterest board dedicated to her 1st birthday party! If you know me well enough, you know that's exactly what I'm going to do as soon as I'm done with this post... 

Kennedy Lou at 10 months old:

YOU HAVE TAKEN YOUR FIRST STEPS! You're not full on walking just yet, but you are getting more and more confidence to take a few steps here and there. Most of the time we have to entice you with a ball or some other fun toy. :)

You have two more little teeth! They're on the top and one has come through the gum completely and the other is on it's way out. Making your tooth count total four, now.

You have two little baby dolls that you love so much. One is from your Nanรก in Texas and other one is from your Grandma Gordon. You like to give them hugs and kisses and it's so adorable. I'm amazed at how innate the desire to love and nurture is.

You went on your first bike ride around Springville while dad was running errands! Thank goodness for the awesome bike trailer we're borrowing from your grandparents here in Utah!

You can say "whoa" and point at things. You also lay down in the floor and grunt when you see your dad or I laying in the floor stretching and making grunting noises while doing so. It's really cute. :)

You clap, especially when we say good job or start to sing "patty cake." You can even "roll it up" when we sing "patty cake" too!

You have started this new little cute smile thing where you scrunch your little nose. It's pretty stinkin' adorable.

You have been the most fun at this age by far. You love being chased around the house, playing with your toys and baby dolls, roaming around the backyard, enjoying the water at the splash pad and Seven Peaks water park and getting worn out from it, giggling more than ever...the list goes on! 

We love you so much baby girl. Sometimes all I can think about is how am I ever gonna be able to let you go? I guess I better stop worrying about that and just soak you up while I can.

That tongue is hanging out A LOT. You use to it help you concentrate. :)

Just like the time we went camping before, you were a pretty happy camper last weekend when we went up Hobble Creek Canyon right by our house.

Just sayin' hi to dad from your seat in the bike trailer. :)