A great eight months.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Things in our home have been a little crazy lately since I started a new job and since Cole was going through finals at BYU, but now we're on a bit of an easier schedule, so hopefully I'll get back to keeping everyone up to date on what's going on with our little family here in Utah!

Seeing as how Kennedy Lou will be 9 months old in just a few short days, I better get on with the eight month update! 

Kennedy Lou at 8 months you:

Are starting to stand on your own! It's usually only for a few short seconds, but you're gettin' there. 

We're pretty sure you can say hi and do a little bit of a wave, and you are saying "dada" and sometimes it even sounds like you're saying "daddy." You can also say "mama," but only when you're whining and ready to eat or take a nap. It's really cute nonetheless!

You've climbed some stairs lately too, but you're not very good at coming down them, so we have to keep an eye on you whenever we're in a place with any stairs. 

You have the biggest, bluest eyes still. Everyone notices them and talks about how beautiful you are - and I have to say I agree. :)

You know how to open and close drawers and cabinets, which has led to many more messes to clean up!

You've loved being able to play outside now that the weather is getting nice and warm! You like to eat leaves, so we have to watch out for that, but other than that you have a great time and could spend all day outside!

You are so full of love, laughter and life Kennedy Lou. Thanks for making our home a lovelier and happier place baby girl! We wouldn't trade you for the world.


"Mama and Dada"

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