Sunshine and Strawberries

Monday, March 10, 2014

Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day. We laid blankets out on the grass in our new backyard and soaked up some good ole vitamin D, giggled, smiled and just lived in the moment. I love times like that with my little family.

Kennedy also had a taste of a delicious chocolate covered strawberry that her mom left on the bed during nap time. She woke up with brown around her mouth and since we had just been outside prior to her nap, I figured it was dirt, but then we realized it was chocolate. I'm prettttty sure babies aren't supposed to have chocolate, but heck, she didn't care! I'm sure she enjoyed every single lick.

Our new home also has a bathtub and boy do we have a little water baby on our hands. She loves splashing in the tub.

Some of our favorite Texans are on their way to see us for their spring break and we can't be more excited to see them! We'll definitely be talkin' about our adventures with them soon.

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