More peas, please!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yesterday our baby girl turned six months! At this rate I seriously feel like I need to start planning her first birthday party!

I was pretty adamant from the get-go on exclusively breastfeeding her for the first six months of her life and I'm happy to say that that journey has been a challenging yet wonderful one. However, I am so excited to introduce Kennedy to all the wonderful foods that are on this earth for us to enjoy! Especially those that will nourish her body and give it the right energy and nutrients she needs to grow up into a healthy and beautiful woman someday. I plan on continuing to breastfeed her for at least a year, at which point we will try weaning her, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Her very first food was peas, which I steamed and added a little breast milk to and she loved them! She kept opening her mouth for more after the first couple of spoonfuls I shoved in. :)

We had her six month check-up today and that wasn't fun...seeing her cry because of the shots and all, but we gotta keep that baby from getting those vaccine preventable diseases (is it obvious my degree is in public health? ;)) 

Updates to come on her appointment along with her six month picture!

Interested in making your own baby food? This cookbook is the BOMB! Coming from a girl who's passionate about overall health and wellness, I'd say that's a big deal. ;)

Let's hope Kennedy keeps saying, "more peas, please!" 

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