Kennedy Lou at 6 Months

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seeing as how Kennedy will be 7 months in a little over a week, I need to get a move on with her 6 month update! We've been packing and preparing to move, yup that's right, we're moving!  So that's why I've been a bit of a slacker as far as blogging is concerned. We're not moving very far away from where we're at right now, though. We're moving to a cute little duplex in a town called Springville. It's a small town about 10 minutes south of Provo. It's still close enough that Cole won't have to go far for school, but far enough away to feel like we've got our own space and place - it's gonna be great! We're gonna have a backyard and all. Needless to say, I'm ready for summertime!

Another quick update, Cole got a new job! It's similar to the work he was doing at the furniture repair and refinishing shop, but it's only the finishing work of custom cabinetry. He was cut back on hours due to financial strain at his previous job, so we decided it was in our best interest to look for a different job. Let me just say, "when it rains it pours," but we're starting to see some sunshine through the clouds now!

Now, on with the update!

Kennedy Lou, at 6 months old you:

Are on the move...sort of! You've figured out how to scooch (sp?) along on your won't be much longer until you're full on crawling! We're not quite sure how we feel about that. ;)

You've had peas, brown rice cereal, apple sauce (which you think is a little too tart sometimes) and bananas and you're a fan of them all! 

You love looking at yourself in the mirror and trying to play with that baby in there. ;)

You sit in the cart and in a high chair like a big girl. It makes things easier for me, but it makes me so sad that you're growing up so stinkin' fast!

You've been doing so much better at sleeping through the night and boy do we love it! I almost forgot what it was like getting 7-8 straight hours of sleep... I credit this fact to a book I read called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth M.D.

Your hair is growing! Your dad doesn't believe me, but it is...I promise!

At your 6 month check-up you weighed 15 pounds, were 25 inches long and you passed the important developmental milestones test with flying colors - you are one healthy, smart and happy girl and we hope you stay that way!

And now for some more pictures and videos of our sweet, six-month-old girl. 

I think she's saying, "I already smiled for you, leave me alone."

Maybe she was stretching to try and make room for more cereal? :)

We escaped to St. George for warm weather and good company over President's Day Weekend and boy did we have a good time! 

More peas, please!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yesterday our baby girl turned six months! At this rate I seriously feel like I need to start planning her first birthday party!

I was pretty adamant from the get-go on exclusively breastfeeding her for the first six months of her life and I'm happy to say that that journey has been a challenging yet wonderful one. However, I am so excited to introduce Kennedy to all the wonderful foods that are on this earth for us to enjoy! Especially those that will nourish her body and give it the right energy and nutrients she needs to grow up into a healthy and beautiful woman someday. I plan on continuing to breastfeed her for at least a year, at which point we will try weaning her, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Her very first food was peas, which I steamed and added a little breast milk to and she loved them! She kept opening her mouth for more after the first couple of spoonfuls I shoved in. :)

We had her six month check-up today and that wasn't fun...seeing her cry because of the shots and all, but we gotta keep that baby from getting those vaccine preventable diseases (is it obvious my degree is in public health? ;)) 

Updates to come on her appointment along with her six month picture!

Interested in making your own baby food? This cookbook is the BOMB! Coming from a girl who's passionate about overall health and wellness, I'd say that's a big deal. ;)

Let's hope Kennedy keeps saying, "more peas, please!"