Our San Fran Adventure

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So this past thanksgiving we were able to fly out to San Francisco and we had a blast! That's where Darin, Cole's dad, is currently working so he has an apartment out there and Lisa always comes to know the town like a local, so it was a real treat and a good time that we'll never forget! And I can't forget to mention that Kennedy did awesome on the flights there and back, which was comforting to me since her and myself will be flying to Texas this coming Sunday.

Apparently Kennedy has a pub in San Francisco. 

Got some free chocolates and had some yummy ice cream at Ghirardelli Square!

Cole had to leave his mark among the other graffiti artists in San Francisco.

We went to the beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens one day.

This wrap has saved our lives on more than one occasion, that's for sure!

 Went to the beach!

Saw some really cool Redwood trees!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at a fun place on Pier 39, then walked around the shops.

And saw the lights at the Oakland LDS Temple.

We are so grateful for our many wonderful family members and friends and the other countless blessings that come to our little family!