Kennedy Lou at 4 Months

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our beautiful girl is four months old and more fun than ever!

Kennedy Lou, at four months you...

Weigh 13.3 pounds and you're 24 inches long, which means you're growing good!

To be exact, you're in the 30th percentile for your weight, 32nd for your height and 4th for your head circumference, which means you're petite, but that's kinda what we figured considering the women genes you've inherited. :)

You like to look at yourself in the mirror. 

You love doing silly things with your tongue. You'll even stick it out at us when we stick ours out at you! 

You roll over! Not like you're a dog or anything, but it's pretty impressive. :)

You are giggling more and more and it's so adorable. 

You're getting better at somewhat sitting up on your own. You definitely need help still, but you're gettin' there!

You've been on your first plane ride and  you did really good. I'm hoping the same goes for when we fly to Texas tomorrow since I'll be on my own with you this time. 

And as always we love you more than ever! Keep growing and keep being so lovable, please?


Your Mom and Dad

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