Kennedy Lou turns a big 2 (months)!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Where does the time go? Our beautiful girl is two months old already! It has been so fun to see her grow and develop - what fun times lay ahead as she continues to do so!

Kennedy, at two months old you are:

All smiles! Especially when myself and your dad talk to you and smile at you.

You're finally starting to get fat rolls on your arms and legs and you have a double chin. 

You were in the 8th percentile for your weight, 29th percentile for your length and 6th percentile for your head circumference at your 2 month check-up. You're petite but healthy!

Your eyes are still a beautiful blue color. 

Your cry is getting louder. :)

You start to kick your feet and move your hands like crazy when you're about to get mad, so we try and fix the problem you're having as we notice you're doing that.  

And last but not least, we still love you more than anything in this world! 


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