Haircut, friends and tennis.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I cut Cole's hair for the third time a couple of weeks ago. I think I did better the second time than this time, but that's because we tried a new haircutting "method." I realize I don't have pictures of after the haircut, but I promise it's not because it's that bad. He's still as handsome as ever.

This picture makes me want to say, "Why so serious?"

Here are some fun pictures of Erin and Savanna trying out my new camera. Gotta love 'em. :)

My brothers stayed with us this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday night while my mom and Jeff were living it up in Vegas for the weekend since Jeff won a trip through his job. We played board games, they played video games while I was at work and we taught them how to play tennis - it was fun!

I look EXTRA prego in this pic, but I think it's just the angle it was taken at. I think...

Don't they look way excited to be in this pic??

Not much else to update on besides the fact that this Saturday will be the last day of my internship, which means I will be officially graduated from BYU. NBD.


  1. fun! what camera did you guys get?

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