Remember us?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So now that two months have gone by since we've last updated, there's quite a bit that's happened!

Finals came and went, I turned 22 on the 20th of April, graduated from college (so weird to say that) and we had lots of fun with everyone being in town to celebrate that joyous occasion. We celebrated two years of being married on the 29th of April, Kennedy has grown quite a bit and I definitely look like I'm prego now and we are now living in the great state of Texas! 


Where does time go? 

We've moved into a cute little apartment in Canyon, TX and still have some putting away to do, but as soon as that happens you'll get a little video tour of our humble abode. :) We like it so far! There have only been a few cockroaches here and there, but hey...I'll take those over spiders any day. It has definitely been weird being a grown up with a grown up job, but I'm liking it so far! I've been doing a lot of training the past week, but I'm almost done with that then they'll let me loose; watch out WIC clients of Amarillo, TX! 

Kennedy is quite the active baby. She kicks and squirms all throughout the day and even night. The past few days my stomach has almost looked like waves were passing through it. Pretty sure she's doing all kinds of flips in there! The sickness has gone away and I still feel great, so hopefully the last 3 months treat me well like the past 3 have!

Now for some pictures. :)

This was taken at 21 weeks and 1 day; I'm now 27 weeks and 3 days - an updated bump picture is on its way!

The Manti Utah LDS Temple; we went there over Easter weekend, March 30th. 

The blue lips Easter tradition. 

Some yummy cinnamon rolls we made with maple icing. Yum!

Me wearing a Tyvek suit! I collected hazardous household waste for my environmental health class at BYU. 

Kneader's all you can eat French toast on the morning of my birthday! Cole knows me too well. :)

Myself with Hadley, Madi, Campbell and Lisa in the background. They threw me a wonderful baby shower before we left Utah. Thanks girls, love y'all!

We thought this shirt at Cabella's was pretty entertaining. :)

Hokulia shave ice to celebrate me being done with finals for the rest of my undergraduate career!

Shopping at the City Creek mall in Salt Lake City.

Cole gettin SO ready to tear up some Blue Sky burgers and fries on our anniversary. :)

The best ice cream on this planet now has a home in my freezer. Glorious day. 

My official lookin name badge! 

One of the few roaches we've seen...the one I stepped on barefoot was way bigger than this one!

Here's a night stand and a dresser that my dad gave to us that we decided to paint and use. 

Looks pretty good huh?!

 Well, that's all I can think of for now...tour of the Cole & April Gordon Residence #3 to come shortly!


  1. fun! looks like you guys have been busy--I didn't know we have the same bday-- happy birthday. And I'll take spiders any day over cockroaches :)

    1. Your birthday is on the 20th as well?! That's fun!! Hope yours was a good one. :) Most people would take spiders over cockroaches any day, but I guess I'm more used to cockroaches than spiders so I'm a little more comfortable with them! :)

  2. So glad to see an update. I love the photos!