Fantastic February

Saturday, March 9, 2013

So last month was a little crazy and I didn't update like I should have, but some fun and exciting things happened that I for sure want to document!

For Valentine's Day we stayed home, did some homework and just relaxed. For my gift to Cole I made him a yummy dinner and set up the table all fancy and such and completed the night with his favorite, no bake cookies. :) It was fun! He painted some graffiti on  a four-piece canvas for me, bought me flowers and let me know he loved me. It was a good day for sure. 

I almost feel like everyday is Valentine's day though...Cole and I both do little things for one another to help each other know of our love for one another. It helps keep the love alive. :)

The Sunday before Valentine's day Cole put his artistic abilities to work on my fingernails and toe nails and I must say he did a pretty good job!

Here's the table setting I mentioned and the yummy rice, black bean and chicken casserole we ate. :)

Here's the beautiful artwork he made for me. :) Can you tell what it says? 

We bought these cute pillow covers and pillows from Hobby Lobby one Saturday and had some peanut butter kiss cookies. It was a good day. :)
And last, but certainly not least we found out that we're going to be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into our little family this summer! Her name will be Kennedy Lou Gordon. Lou is a tribute to my MeMaw, her middle name was Lou Nell and she was a wonderful woman that I have many fond memories with. She was an amazing cook, loved to play any and all instruments and knew how to have a good laugh.  

Here's the angle that helped us know we'd be having a little girl. :)

And here's some video footage of the images that they gave us from the ultrasound. 

We sure can't wait for little miss Kennedy Lou to join our family! 

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