Thanksgiving 2012: A little late, but still grateful!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

 So I've been procrastinating updating our blog since it has been a few months, but I know I'll regret it if I don't since we've had a lot of fun things going on the past few months and Cole has been begging me to do it goes nothin'! 


This past Thanksgiving we were able to drive down to Texas to enjoy a yummy fried turkey and our lovely family - we had a wonderful time!

We had to stop at "Waterburger" when we got into Amarillo early in the morning. 

Cole got to feel of some freshly picked cotton!

And he tried on Jeff's cowboy boots...we've almost got him convinced he needs some of his own! ;)

Fed the cows some cow cake with my dad. One of my favorite things to do since I can even remember!

Shot some guns out at the farm.

Looking back on our Thanksgiving break in Texas, it's kinda hard to believe that was almost 2 whole months ago...where does time go these days?!

I feel that Cole and I have so many blessings that it would take us hours on end to count them all. However, we do want to say how grateful we are for our wonderful family, our close friends, Jesus Christ and our loving Father in heaven who blesses us even when we do not deserve it. 

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