Christmas in Vegas & a Texas New Year

Saturday, January 19, 2013

For Christmas this year we were able to be with Cole's parents and siblings for a fun filled week in Vegas! We played some card games, got to see Grandma & Grandpa Gordon, had some movie nights, went to the movie theater and watched Les Miserables on Christmas day and then grabbed dessert at Max Brenner's (such an amazing place), did some shopping, played some basketball, went to the LDS Las Vegas Temple, walked around on The Strip, saw the Bellagio fountains and gardens, went to the Hoover Dam (another story in and of itself), ate yummy food and had an all around good time being with those we love for an entire week. Thanks Darin and Lisa for making the trip to Vegas possible! 

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino

Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Gardens

This polar bear was made out of carnation lookin' flowers! Kinda neat.

Closer view of the polar bear.

The wind was blowing like crazy!

Cole enjoying his chocolate shake from Max Brenner's.

Our all time favorite dessert pizza. If you remember our summer adventure to NYC, you'll notice that this is the same thing we got then. :)

Cole and I after the Temple. Such a beautiful and peaceful place to be with the ones you love. 

Our date night out to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.  Our waiter was AWESOME and since our food was given to a couple that didn't speak English we got a free smoothie/drink thing that was SO yummy! 

After our week adventure in Vegas, Cole and I drove to Texas where we got to spend a week with my family, which was fun! We do a lot of visiting with family and just a lot of hanging out and eating food that I love/miss, so I never remember to try and find good picture moments! I'll get better at that...hopefully. :)

Yummy Blue Bell ice cream. I can't wait until we're in Texas and I can buy this stuff by the gallon. 

We always pass this place on our way through New Mexico on our drive back to Utah, and Cole always wants a picture, so here it finally is! The Holy Ghost Recreation Area. :)

Cole, my brothers and I took the dogs on a walk one day and as we walked by this house Cole had to get a picture of this "Jimmy Rigged" air conditioned van. Pretty awesome, right?! 
  Now that 2013 is upon us I can look back at 2012 and say that I'm pretty happy with the way my year went. I definitely have a lot of things to work on in order for me to become a better wife, daughter, sister and friend, but I can honestly say I don't have many regrets in the year of 2012. Here's to many more good times with those we love!

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