Gordon's Halloween Party

Friday, November 2, 2012

We wanted to share some of the fun we were able to have this past Halloween with a good group of friends. This post won't be near as good as the others because it's my (Cole) first time trying this blogging thing. Okay, maybe second....I did prove last year that my taste in candy was superior to April's.

April and I decided to dress up as old people. How do we look?

These are our good friends Curtis and Macey. Team managers.

Not even Brock and Stacey knew what they were; although Stacey did make a pretty convincing Zebra with April's snuggie.

Fitting costumes for a couple that met in Jerusalem on a study abroad. Josh and Kelsey.

Madi and McKay were there thankfully and made sure no one was hurt carving pumpkins.

Ron Weasley (my good friend AJ) and another Hogwarts attendee his wife Heather.

Skyler and Laetitia came as a fierce lumberjack and a tree. Sorry he stole your decorations Aunt Maria.

Kellen and Annie were here wishing everyone , "May the odds be ever in your favor."

Marshall and Emily were here representing one of our favorite movies!

Nic, Dani, and their soon to be made a great s'more!

Tamara and Nick were here as a vampire and a.....child molester?

Josh and Emily were here as cop and robber...

Then after Emily decided to go 'streaking' she had to be arrested.

Skyler carved a wicked Samurai and Laetitia was scared of the spider and ghost she carved on her own pumpkin.

This was a first time carving pumpkins for Laetitia and she loved it!

I went to wipe some pumpkin guts on April and got in trouble.

Here are the wonderful pumpkins we carved!


I carved this in honor of our Texas family :)



Still Laetitia's

The end of Laetitia's

McKay's pirate got a hatchet to the brain (The Walking Dead style)

We hope you enjoyed this brief update of our Halloween fun!