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Sunday, October 28, 2012

So, we haven't updated y'all in a while - sorry about that! As you probably know, school has been keeping us pretty busy. That's no excuse though!

Since we last updated y'all on the events of our life...

Cole turned 24! Such an old man now. ;)

The leaves have changed colors on the trees and it's so beautiful. I go out of my way while I'm walking from class to class to step on the crunchy ones. Trees in Utah are so gorgeous during the fall. That is definitely one of the many things I will miss when we move someday.

The weather has cooled off. We even had snow this past week! So crazy. It's going to be in the 60s this week though, so Halloween shouldn't be too bad.

I graduate in 22 weeks from now...HOLY COW! That's a pretty intimidating, yet accomplishing thing to thing about. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to be a big girl with a big girl job, but at the same time I'm SO ready to get out into the world and put my knowledge to work!

Now for the pictures to help illustrate what's been going on with us Gordon's in Orem, UT.

Cole enjoying his "coffee" ice cream for his birthday. Don't worry, there's not real coffee in it, just the flavoring. :)

We found a recipe for a 7 layer dip that was full of fresh and healthy ingredients that's so yummy! I'll share it with you if you want. :)
Fresh picked flowers from our yard. Love them.

Cole finally gave in to my desire of wanting some Halloween decorations and let me buy these Jack-o-lantern lights! 

This is what our front yard looks like today. Isn't it beautiful?

The cute pumpkins Cole made for me! Inspired by the one and only Pinterest. :)

Enjoying a Cougar Tail at a BYU football game a few weeks ago.

So for Cole's birthday (it was on a Thursday) I secretly found him coverage for work so that we could go camping on Thursday night and not have to wake up early for work on Friday and it was SUCH a success! He had no idea what was going on, but he was SO excited when he realized what was happening. :)

We ate at Bajio for Cole's birthday lunch. :)

I'm guessing this is Cole's excited face as we headed home from Bajio to pack our things and head to the mountains for the night?

The drive to our "spot" at Cascade Springs was SO beautiful and colorful. 

Simply breathtaking.
We saw some Turkeys!

Packing up camp and getting ready to head out. 

Before we went home on Friday (the day after Cole's birthday) we drove to Midway and surprised Joan and Garth with a visit and went on a fun drive and had lunch with them! Gotta love those two. :)

As you can see, although we've been quite the busy bees, we ALWAYS make time for fun and memories. I'm publicly pledging to be a better blogger from now on. I can't keep y'all waiting to hear about our adventures like that again!

Love always,

Cole and April

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