Beginning of Fall

Friday, September 7, 2012

As you know, we've started school and boy is it rough. I think I remember this feeling...something called senioritis? 

Senioritis is my diagnosis for sure because I applied for graduation yesterday! I'll be participating in the April 2013 graduation ceremonies, but I won't be completely finished until the middle of June because I have to complete an internship. It'll be all said and done before I know it though!

We've also been able to have some fun even though our lives are pretty much consumed with school work once again...

We got to go camping with our dear friends Heather and AJ!

I was pretty chilly, but it was still lots of fun!

Went to a free Peter Breinholt concert with Moosman and Andrea - so fun!

BYU FOOTBALL IS BACK! It's what keeps us sane during the school year. :)

Tyler Haws, Brandon Davies & Nate Austin. They're on the men's basketball team and they ROCK! Our seats were right behind them on the second row - NBD.

Hey look! It's Jimmer Fredette! Oh and his wife, Whitney.

Cole hadn't seen this guy since they were in the MTC together! So nice to meet you Moors! :)

And this would be us with Brandon Davies and Anson Winder. NBD.
So far that's about all that's happened since we've been back from Texas. Hopefully next time we post we'll be able to show you the "transformation" our bedroom has gone under - it looks SO good now!!

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