Seven Dollars & Strawberries

Monday, June 4, 2012

So this past Saturday we went to a Chris Cagle concert for just $7 a ticket! We ended up having a really good time and got to see a firework show afterwords - definitely the most well spent $7 of our marriage so far. :) We've also just recently discovered that there's a whole little patch of strawberries growing right in our front yard and they're so delicious! Now we are "burdened" with finding uses for them. :)

Of course I wore my cowboy boots to the concert. :)

Chris Cagle!

Also, Cole is working on making us a pretend headboard! I've seen some things on Pinterest that have inspired what I want done and he's gonna make it a reality - gotta love that he's a handy man. :)

Sanding the wood down before we stain it!

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