Graffiti for Gain

Monday, June 4, 2012

If you know Cole, you know that there's an artsy side to him. He enjoys doodling and he's really good at it, but his most favorite thing is graffiti art. He's made his own fonts that are a graffiti style and everything! Someone at his work saw him doodling and asked if Cole would like to go to his house and tag the window well of his 16 year old son and Cole couldn't have been more excited to actually get to use his talent to bring joy to someone else. 

Just take a look for yourself at how good he is! 

His bandana didn't stop everything... :)

The bigger letters on top say BYU.

This is a collection of the boys' name "Chandler Alan Selk."

Can you see the word "Cougars" on the bottom??

A lacrosse stick.

Told ya - he's pretty legit! :)

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