One year down, eternity to go.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This past Sunday marks our first year of being married. Crazy. It does not in any way feel like we've been married for an entire year already! 

There have definitely been days where we haven't gotten along so well and others where it seemed nothing could go wrong. Throughout them all our love has stayed strong and has become even stronger through everything we have faced together. We agreed before we got married that divorce would never ever ever EVER be spoken of and that we would work every single thing out. I will be the first to admit that I get be pretty ornery and stubborn at times, but I'm grateful for a man like Cole who endures through it and has learned that I will eventually come around and we will work things out. 

He makes me feel so special and important.
He loves me when I wake up in the mornings although I have bad breath.
He loves me when I feel like I'm having a bad hair day.
He warms up my feet when they're cold at night.
He prays for me.
We go to the temple together, at least once a month.
We read the Book of Mormon together every night.
He's a wonderful husband to me.
We love one another no matter what.

Looking back on this past year I'd say we've both learned and progressed SO much all thanks to the experiences we've been able to share. I look forward to the many more years of life we have together and I thank my Heavenly Father that he is mine and I'm his for time and all eternity because of our decision to be sealed in the Bountiful Utah Temple just a little over a year ago.

Since we have work and I have school we were only able to escape for the weekend to St. George to celebrate, but it was definitely a worth while trip. We just relaxed and enjoyed one another's company without a worry in the world. Lots of movie watching, some hanging out by the pool and eating some yummy food. I love this man!

Yummy bread sticks from Pizza Factory!

LDS St. George Utah Temple
Cole & Grandpa Gordon

These pictures show just a few of the many sweet surprises I've received from Cole. 

Buying and hanging up a clock on the wall in our bedroom with this cute little message inside. 

Beautiful orchids.
Sweet little notes.

Breakfast in bed.
You may think you're the luckiest person out there, but you have no idea. I have been SO blessed to be married to Mr. Nicholas Clark Gordon for this past year and I cannot even find the words to explain my joy and happiness in the fact that he is mine all mine forever.

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