The Big 2-1

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My twenty first birthday was a good one! I got many loving birthday wishes from family members and friends as well as some awesome gifts! 

Just to name a few...

Zebra Snuggie 
5 boxes of Samoas
Texas Ranger Apparel
Bear Grylls Survival Knife (I was a little unsure/surprised about this the video :))
A book about strong women
Salt and Pepper shakers (that we made at Color Me Mine)
A yummy night out to Zupa's
Justin Bieber CD
Weekend getaway to a condo in St. George, UT (which we used for our anniversary this past weekend!)
Hot dog Sunday dinner
Strawberry cupcakes

Can you guess who did which one? :)

The finished product!

Sportin our Texas Ranger gear - thanks Madre and Jeff!

He was trying to blow out my candles!

I had to make sure he knew all the boxes of Samoas were for ME. :)

Mckay got me a Snuggie!

Madi & Jason burned me a Justin Bieber CD - woohoo! Cole, however, will not be listening to it with me... :)

We were even able to hang out with Savanna and our friend Clint on the night of my birthday!

All in all it was a great day and I'm grateful for another year of life that is ahead of me in which I can learn and grow and strive to become the woman I should be.

Thanks to everyone for making my day that much more special!

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  1. Hahaha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL! and the video is absolutely hilarious. Excited to see you guys when i come out there next month!!