A Very Memorable Valentine's Day :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

So this year for Valentine's Day we got to eat at Thaifoon, which is a super yummy Asian Cuisine place in Salt Lake and then we went to the Lady Antebellum Concert!!! Darius Rucker and Thompson Square were both there and we had such a good time! Cole surprised me on Christmas with the proof of purchase of 2 tickets to this concert and it just so happened to be on Valentine's Day! I would say that this was all a very smooth move on his part. :) 

He bought me some beautiful flowers, that I took a long time to notice, and got me a cute little card that I also took a while to understand. I guess I just had a lot on my mind that day! 

The next day I made him dinner, a heart shaped confetti cake with rainbow chip icing (his favorite:)) and gave him a book with things that I love about him written in it. I feel like I could write a whole book about everything that makes me in love with him. He's an amazing man and I'm so happy that our marriage will last forever. :)

We sat at the exact same table as we did the last time we ate there over a year ago!

Us enjoying the concert.

Cole was so happy about his cake! I know now to never go on a cake baking contest show or anything of the like. 

My beautiful roses trying to get some sun. :)

Madi and her boyfriend got engaged on Valentine's Day as well! We're so excited for them - welcome to the family Jason!! :)

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