Lesson Learned

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Benjamin Franklin's quote "early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" made a lot of sense to me today...

Cole and I went to bed late (by my standards :)) but for a good cause. We decided to watch a movie and Cole chose. Usually I like to have a say in what we watch, but I decided to let him go ahead and make the decision. He picked Homeward Bound. I was in shock and felt so proud of him for picking one of my childhood favorites. He actually really enjoyed it and was crackin' up throughout the entire thing! If you haven't seen it, it's a must that you do. Cole, someone who's not too keen on animals, even liked it! 

These are the 3 main "characters" in the movie. Don't worry, this is not one of those annoying animal movies where the mouths of the animals actually move when they're talking, and they don't talk to humans in this movie. Just each other. :)

Well this morning it was a bit of a challenge to get out of bed. Both of our alarms on our phones were going off like crazy and we kept snoozing them and saying "five more minutes." Well like always those "five minutes" turn into 30 so you're late getting up and late starting your day, which is always really hard. Cole got ready really quick, since boys can do that, and then headed up to Midway to work at The Store (Thursday will be his last day). I however had to take a shower and then get ready so I called my office and left a message letting them know I was going to be late. Little did I know I would have yet another set back...

I'm about to head out the door and I remember I need to get something to eat for breakfast. In the past few months I've been craving/addicted to orange juice like none other, so I decided to pour me a glass of OJ to drink before I got to school. I put my stuff in the car, back out of the garage and then, just as I realize I'm about to go over the bump that's in our drive way, it's too late to reach for the glass of OJ. I look down and see it splash out of my cup! Luckily most of it fell into the cup holders BUT my concern was how do I get it out?! I could get a straw and drink it, but other than that I don't have any other option. I call Cole in my moment of panic and he doesn't answer. I call him again and no answer. Then I call his work and have them get a hold of him. He was good at getting me to calm down and not stress over this mishap, as well as telling me to get the Shop-vac out to suck it right up. I did and it worked wonderfully! I was a little against getting a Shop-vac as a wedding gift, but I now will be forever grateful for it. I made it to work alive and I lived through the day at school and work, BUT...

As I got out of class I walked towards the parking lot where we normally park our car. I get to the parking lot and can't remember what row I parked on so I walk around and click the remote buttons on my keys to try and make my car honk. I get nothing. Then it hits me - I parked clear on the other side of campus from where I was standing. To some this may not be a problem, but when you're raised in Texas and you like warm weather, walking 2 more miles than need be in 29 degree weather is not something you look forward to. I thought about how dumb I felt because of what just happened, then I start to walk to where my car really is, and decide to take a shortcut, which didn't turn into much of a shortcut after all.

To say the least my day has been pretty out of the ordinary and I'm thinking that I should go to bed earlier tonight so that maybe I will be a little more wise come tomorrow. 
On a good note - we leave for Texas a week from TOMORROW!! WOOHOO!

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