Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So April and I have been debating the top 5 best candies tonight.....She says: Sourz, Skittles, Starbursts, Twizzlers PULL-n-PEEL, and Jolly Ranchers. 
#1 Sourz (I've never heard of them)
#2 Skittles (Only the purple and red ones are good)

#3 Starbursts (Ever tried melting them over a campfire!? DELICIOUS.
But once again, only the red and pink are good)
#4 Twizzlers PULL-n-PEEL (These are probably top 10)

#5 Jolly Ranchers (Not a fan)

I say:  Reese's pieces, Riesens, Wild Berry Skittles (the purple bag), Peanut m&m's, and Milk Duds.

#1 Reese's pieces (God's favorite candy)

#2 Riesen's (Just pure, rich, European goodness)
#3 Wild Berry Skittles (ONLY good flavors! No nasty
 yellow or orange flavors)
#4 Peanut m&m's (A Gordon family staple)
#5 Milk Duds (Perfect movie candy because they take longer to eat! )

 While I won't make up your mind's for you (I don't really think that would be possible) I will help you with some caption commentary. Feel free to agree with me and/or disagree with April. As much as I do love her, sometimes she just has to realize that her husband is occasionally right. :)


  1. Twix, Kit-Kats, and Snickers. It's a no brainer.

  2. haha! Have to say i agree with Cole on this one, sorry April :)

  3. I'm surprised April doesn't have a single chocolate candy in her top 5! Is that even possible!?! Chocolate ALL THE WAY!!! =)