Thanksgiving Festivities

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So for this Thanksgiving break we were able to go to Tustin, California to Cole's Aunt Teri and Uncle Chris' house with lots of other family members as well. I didn't get many pictures of us while we were there, but just so you know we had a good time! I have decided that if we ended up living in California someday I would be completely okay with that - they have a lot of pride in their state just as big as us Texans do, so that may clash a bit, but I like that there's a beach and lots of fun cities to visit! Plus a state that has warm weather throughout the majority of the year will always have a place in my heart. 

My first time to see the bright lights of Las Vegas!
Not sure what's goin on here since I wasn't around when the picture was taken, but I like it!
The beautiful picture of myself coming out of the bathroom.

This is Cole telling me that he wasn't going to share a cheeseburger with me.
I punched him when he told me he didn't want to share with me.

Not sure what this is all about...

In between the times of these photos being taken we were just hanging out at our family's house, eating good food, playing games and just relaxing! We even got to enjoy lunch at Panera one day - yummy! Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I do have a video of Madi, Hadley and myself "whipping our hair" for the family. :)

Then on our way back we rode with our good friends Eric and Ariana since they're from Southern California as well - it was fun! We stopped in Vegas to get lunch and these are a few things on Las Vegas Boulevard that I found interesting.

This is the MGM hotel where a lot of famous people stay when they go to Vegas.

The "mini" statue of liberty.

Us at Caesar's Palace shopping mall.

The amazing 3 story H&M that I had to go buy a new clean shirt in after my incident that you'll see.

Waiting for our dessert!

We saved their chocolate from running onto the table but...

Noticed that my arm got a lot of peanut butter and chocolate all over it as I rescued Eric and Ariana's chocolate!

Cole was clean, but I was wasn't.

He didn't want it to go to waste so he tried to lick it off - not a success.

I'd say we had a pretty good time and that my first time to be in California was very enjoyable! Our next outing is to Texas for the majority of Christmas break and we are beyond ready and excited to be there and to have another break from school!!

On another note, we have officially moved into our own little place and have been there for 2 weeks! It's been great and we feel beyond blessed to have the opportunity that we do. I will admit that I do miss Midway and it was a little hard to leave, but it is a lot nicer to have a shorter drive to school and to be closer to our friends. We do recognize though that living in Midway was a blessing itself and are very grateful to have been there as well, but life goes on and you take what you can get, right? We'll put up pictures of our cute little house once we're completely settled in (hopefully by this weekend) so that y'all in Texas and various places can see it! :)

Thanks to the Jensen's as well as all of our other family members who made our trip and time in California possible! We love you!

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  1. I was wondering how your Thanksgiving break went and where ya ended up going! I'll always remember our fun road trip freshman year to Tejas! :) Love you girl.