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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So there's a few things I want to tell y'all about.

#1: Cole and I have officially been married for SIX MONTHS! So crazy how fast the time has gone by. We celebrated by going to Salt Lake and enjoying a wonderful dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Always hits the spot!

Me chowing down on yummy fried mac 'n' cheese on top of marinara sauce.

Happy us after a yummy meal and a fun date at Cheesecake Factory.

#2: I got a job on campus - woohoo! I work in the International Services office and my job is helping the thousands of international students at BYU with their required paper work and helping them make sure that everything they need in order to attend school in the US is current so that they're not deported. It's a lot of information to learn, but very interesting and I love all of the people I work with! 

#3: Cole has an interview tomorrow for a job on campus! It's with Student Services and if he gets it he'll be answering phone calls and questions from people who come in about many of the services that students have access to on campus. Admissions, scholarships, financial aid, etc.

#4: I ordered some really cute boots from Journey's this past weekend and they arrived in the mail yesterday! I was super excited, but to my dismay they sent me one boot in the size 6 1/2 and the other in a size 7...not gonna work for my feet! Sadly I'm going to have to send them back and wait just a little bit longer to wear them. 

Aren't these boots SO adorable?? I think so. :)

That's all I can think of for right now, but hopefully there will be more to update about in the weeks to come!

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