Quick update!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Just real quick - here's the scoop on us!

We're looking for a place in Provo because the drive to and from Midway is really starting to get to us - and we think we have found a for sure one!

We now need jobs in Provo because life costs money (something we're still learning). 

We have some fun pictures to show you from the beautiful drive we went on last Sunday! The leaves are sooo beautiful right now! It's absolutely breathtaking at times.

We have had some experiences lately that have strengthened our testimonies of the fact that Heavenly Father does care about us and what's going on in our lives and it's awesome!

We're going to the BYU game tonight and hopefully they don't embarrass us like they did against Utah.

As of yesterday we've been married for 5 months! Woohooo!! :)

And the best news of all...it's Friday! And this weekend is General Conference! Two of the best times of the year FOR SURE. 

That's all folks!

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