Quick update!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Just real quick - here's the scoop on us!

We're looking for a place in Provo because the drive to and from Midway is really starting to get to us - and we think we have found a for sure one!

We now need jobs in Provo because life costs money (something we're still learning). 

We have some fun pictures to show you from the beautiful drive we went on last Sunday! The leaves are sooo beautiful right now! It's absolutely breathtaking at times.

We have had some experiences lately that have strengthened our testimonies of the fact that Heavenly Father does care about us and what's going on in our lives and it's awesome!

We're going to the BYU game tonight and hopefully they don't embarrass us like they did against Utah.

As of yesterday we've been married for 5 months! Woohooo!! :)

And the best news of all...it's Friday! And this weekend is General Conference! Two of the best times of the year FOR SURE. 

That's all folks!

Wanna hear about our not so good weekend?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Had you asked us this past Thursday about our plans for the weekend and how we hoped they'd turn out, you wouldn't have gotten this story you're about to hear. 

Bad thing #1: We got rear ended hard and our car is messed up. I have pictures, we both have sore necks, and I have a bruise on my collar bone to prove it. Thankfully nothing too bad happened to anyone involved, and our car is going to be fixed, but it still wasn't the way we would've chosen to spend our Friday night. 

The damage to the front bumper.

The grill on the front.

Our trunk is dented in.

And the back bumper is scratched up pretty good.

Bad thing #2: BYU lost their home opening game. More like got smothered by the University of Utah, which is our instate rival. For the first time in my life I was able to go to this game, and what happens? We got killed by them. We were embarrassed to even be cheering for the BYU football team, and decided to leave early (which is not something that is easy for me to do) since we were losing by more than 40 points in the beginning of the 4th quarter. We did get pictures of when we were happy and excited and cheering our hearts out, but none of when we were mad. Be glad there aren't any of us being mad because they would not be very pretty.

This is the beautiful scenery we get to see each time that we drive down Provo Canyon. So pretty!

Traffic was backed up 2 hours before the game even started!

My beautiful, wonderful friend Ariana and I at the game.

Jimmer was at the game! I hope you know who he is, if not, you should because he's amazing at basketball.

And these next few are attempts at getting a picture with Cole...always a challenge.

We finally got a good one though!
Although our weekend wasn't the most choice above others, we still have a lot to be grateful for.

We're still madly in love and plan on being that way for forever.
We're healthy.
We go to an amazing and beautiful school together.
We have wonderful family and friends who are always there for us.
We have a Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can even imagine. 
And the list goes on!

Hopefully this weekend is a bit better for us; we'll try very hard to make it that way! 

Two weeks under our belts and we're still alive!

Friday, September 9, 2011

We've officially survived our first 2 weeks of school - hooray! It's challenging and fun, as we expected but I can tell that we're already learning SO much. We're both wanting so badly to become proficient in the languages we're studying (Cole: Farsi, April: Spanish) and I really think it's going to happen! Cole gets flustered when he's not understanding what's going on in his Farsi class, as do I with Spanish - but I've gotta say we need to give ourselves more credit! We've both come SO far in them so far and I know that if we keep working hard that it will come in time and we will look back at this time of life and laugh...at least I hope. :)  

It doesn't hurt to have a little bit of faith in yourself, right?

On another note, I have found a new website that has become my addiction. It's called pinterest and it's the best thing that's happened to me! Okay maybe that's not true, but it's seriously SO awesome! A quick explanation: it's a "virtual pinboard"that you can create your own pinboards on! I have one that's for yummy looking recipes that I want to try, places I'd like to travel to someday, as well as ways to decorate a home! The only downside to it is that I usually go on and look for more recipes when I'm hungry, which is no bueno because then I just start to get even more hungry and my stomach is not very quiet when I get to a certain point of hunger...

Like right now I'm looking at it to try and figure out what I'm going to make for dinner tomorrow for our BYU vs. Texas football party that we're hosting while waiting for Cole to get out of Farsi (I've got an hour more to go in case you were wondering; it's such a long class!) and it's killin' me because I feel so dang hungry! It's also killing me that I'm not quite sure what to wear tomorrow during the game...a BYU shirt? A Texas shirt? Maybe both?? :)

All I can say is may the best team win!