Lake Powell

Monday, August 15, 2011

This past week we were able to go to Lake Powell with family and we had a blast! Cole had been a few times before and has always raved about how awesome it is, so I was super excited about going. It is such a beautiful and fun place and I'm so glad that we were able to go this summer! 

Lots of R&R happens on the house boat at Lake Powell. :)

We went on a "hike" that I wasn't too fond of, but there was a pretty view. 

Cole was helping to teach Mckay how to ski. 

And then I attempted to ski - it took me a few times, but I finally got up!

Jessi and Nate enjoying the boat ride!

Uncle Chris was nice enough to take us out on his boat and teach us his skills. :)

Cole tried some new tricks on the wakeboard and did a good job!

This rock is known as God's thumb - pretty cool!

Cole wanted a shirt to wear while he went on another hike and this is what he decided to wear. Such a goof!

We got to see the national monument known as Rainbow Bridge. Pretty fascinating! 

All the Gordon siblings. :)

All the Gordon's again including cousins Sarah & Anna Jensen. 

CJ had a really funny looking mustache from drinking her Gatorade, so I had to make sure and document it with a pictures. Haha! Gotta love her! 

Tubing gets intense! Poor Cole got an elbow in the face and now has a puffy lip. 

Jessi and Madi on the tube.

Then it was our turn to go and we were CHAMPS! We didn't fall off at all. :)

We slept on the top of the houseboat so we woke up to a beautiful sunrise like this every morning. 

We tried to launch bad plums with the water-balloon launcher...

But it ended up breaking!

So then Cole and Nate tried to play Lacrosse with the plum and some shovels. It was quite entertaining! 

More wakeboarding action.

Notice the slack in the rope - I'm thinking he ate it pretty hard the moment after this picture was taken. :)

Then I tried to wakeboard. I got up but I was pretty uneasy.

So I tried to ski again and popped right up! I even went outside the wake! 

And Cole was able to finally get up on the slalom  ski and ride it for a good while.

We came home with some soreness from the water sports, good laughs and memories, and successfully went the entire week without  a bad sunburn! This was a goal of ours before we went since Cole is pretty prone to burning. I hope our kids get my skin complexion and ability to tan. :)

We're not quite sure when the next time we go to Powell will be, so we're SO grateful for those that made it possible for us! Thank you Darin, Lisa, Chris, Teri, Joan & Garth! We love you all and we will forever remember our time together at Lake Powell!

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