Time with Texans & Demolition Derby

Friday, August 5, 2011

So this past week my family was in town from Texas and we loved it! They drove the 16 and a half hours to get here to spend time with us, which means we must be pretty important to them. :) 

We did lots of fun things and lots of relaxing and sadly enough I failed at taking pictures of the fun things we did! Just to list a few things we did:

 Ate a huge, yummy pizza at Maxwell's and rode the coaster in Park City
Had a cookout and a fire for s'mores at Cole's parent's house
Taught my mom and Jeff how to play Hand 'n' Foot
Introduced my family to the wonderful food at Cafe Rio and Watched Thor in 3D at the dollar theater
Walked to the base of Bridal Veil Falls and let my brothers play in the freezing cold water
Had pineapple upside down cake for my mom's birthday
And we ended all the fun by going to the annual demolition derby that's held in Heber City

And I did get pictures of that! :) I had never been to a demolition derby before, but I'm glad we went! I never knew that watching cars smash into each other until they couldn't function anymore would be so awesome! 

Cole's really good friend Dallan was in the derby and painted Cole and Madi's names on his car! 

A beautiful sunset behind the mountains is always a great photo op. 

Sometimes the cars would hit so hard into the cement that enclosed the arena that they knocked them over!

This guy hit the other truck so hard that he flipped it over!

This is Cole standing tall and yelling to try and catch a Creamie, frisbee, football or whatever else was being thrown into the crowd! Our family was pretty successful at catching things since there were so many of us. :)

Some guy lost the bed to his truck when he got hit!

We got hit by some dirt and Cole got a little bit of it. Haha! 

We had fun with the fam and tomorrow we're off to Lake Powell for the week with Cole's side of the family - should be lots of fun and it should be a pretty good blog post when we get back!

We only have about 3 and a half weeks until fall semester begins so we're playing as much as we possibly can until we're so busy that we can't play as much.

Vida es bonita. 

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