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Friday, July 1, 2011

Soooo time for an update! We went camping last weekend and in preparation for our outdoor adventure with the Rasband's we went up Lime Canyon to cut firewood. Something Cole was really excited for because he got a new machete with a saw on one side from REI. He's so spoiled. :) Anyways we went to get the firewood and after a while he got a little tired and asked me if I wanted to try it. I didn't really want to but I thought hey, why not! So I gave it a try and it was a success! I didn't cut a whole tree into pieces like Cole was doing BUT I did supply us with a nice sized limb chopped up. He has also taught me how to mow! I know that sounds lame, but I had never mown in my life so it was a monumental thing for me to mow his whole parents yard while he edged and then went over the spots that I missed.

This is Cole teaching his cousins Jackson & Ethan how to play soccer.  He's gonna be a good coach to our kids someday. :)

This is my cute little chipmunk friend that I fed some cornbread! He kept distracting me from my book I was trying to read. :)

We went on a small hike while we were at Currant Creek. The view from the top was gorgeous! 

Cole loves quakies so anytime we see them we like to get pictures with them. :)

He teaches me and so many others a lot of things and I love that just the thought of him still makes me smile and get butterflies inside. :)

Another update is that we were both off this past Wednesday which marked 2 months of us being married! We took advantage of the day to have fun all day together and made a trip to the temple in Provo. It was great getting to be there together to remind of us the covenants we have made with God and with each other. I'm so glad that we were sealed in the temple and that if we hold true to the end of our bargain we can be together for eternity. What a blessing! :) We also did a little bit of shopping and had a good dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

And the last bit of news is that while we were in Provo we went to BYU campus to talk to an academic advisor for Cole. He really loves what he's studying (Middle Eastern Studies) and is so passionate about it but some of the classes he's going to have to take are a bit intimidating. The woman we talked with was VERY helpful and encouraging and he's gonna keep going with it. She also told us about an internship opportunity that's out in D.C. that's through BYU. It's called the Washington Seminar and it seems like it'd be an awesome opportunity for the both of us! I would be able to apply for internships dealing with Public Health and he'd be able to do one that is for Middle Eastern Studies and we'd get to live out there for a whole semester and do hands on study and listen to people who are in the higher ups in both fields of study. It's definitely something we're going to check into, but we probably wouldn't go until the Winter 2013 semester.

It's exciting to plan your life with someone else and think about all that you are going to get to experience with each other, and helping each other fulfill lifelong dreams. Especially when they're your very best friend!

This was yesterday at Timp Freeze enjoying the nice weather , each other and a caramel apple pie shake! :)

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  1. sooo....ive been following your old link and it wasnt showing that you updated anything! then i finally found the new one with all these posts! i just got caught up! haha but looks like the summers been so fun! lets ichat soon!! :)